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The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced that applications can now be submitted for a $10 million funding and technical assistance program to expand state and local government capacity to support the planning, siting, and permitting of large-scale renewable energy projects on private land.
This opportunity is part of DOE’s new Renewable Energy Siting through Technical Engagement and Planning (R-STEP) program and will support the creation of new, or the expansion of existing, state-based programs or initiatives that improve renewable energy siting processes at the state and local levels. DOE anticipates awarding approximately five to seven state-based collaboratives up to $2 million each to establish or expand their programs or initiatives. Collaboratives will also benefit from tailored technical assistance and peer-learning opportunities. 
Examples of activities conducted with awarded funds could include:
  • Engaging communities, local and Tribal governments, and other stakeholders to identify priorities and resource needs for renewable energy planning, siting, and permitting.
  • Establishing a state-specific technical assistance hub that responds to questions and requests from local governments and/or tribes regarding siting and proactive planning for future deployment of large-scale renewable energy projects.
  • Conducting trainings and workshops with local governments and tribes to improve technical understanding of renewable energy planning and/or siting.
  • Hiring or subcontracting to expand technical capacity on siting processes, renewable energy technologies, community engagement planning and execution, and community plan development.
  • Developing state-specificresources to support community planning for renewable energy and implementation of siting best practices.
The R-STEP program is managed by ENERGYWERX in partnership with DOE.
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