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The DecomBlades innovation project has released a new specification for recycling partners to recycle blade material. To further support easier, cost-efficient, and scalable blade recycling, wind turbine blade manufacturers have announced their joint commitment to create blade material passports using the DecomBlades recommended approach.
They are calling for this document to become a standard for the wind power industry. The material passports were developed by mapping out the composition of the blades of three blade manufacturers: Siemens Gamesa, LM Wind Power, and Vestas, all involved in the DecomBlades innovation project. Other companies, including Nordex Group, Enercon and GE Vernova, are planning to join this initiative aimed at implementing standardised material passports in the wind industry. Once mapped, the data has formed the basis for a standardized recommendation for blade material passports, which includes what materials are used in the blades and where they are situated. This makes it is easier for recycling companies to separate the blades and recycle the parts. These material passports will be available on the company websites for representative blade models within each MW category that are nearing their expected decommissioning date.
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