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England stands to lose over GBP 1.3 billion in investment that will directly create jobs and opportunities for local companies, funds for community activities and increased business rates for local authorities because of the actions of anti-windfarm campaigners, according to RenewableUK.

The GBP 1.3 billion figure represents money that would flow directly to businesses and organisations at the local and regional level. The investment opportunities in England are outlined in a report commissioned by RenewableUK from GL Garrard Hassan. The figures are based on onshore wind farm developments seeking planning consent in England at the present time, and do not include investment that has been already delivered and is ongoing for local companies across England from wind farms that are operational. The first-of-its-kind study seeks to quantify the financial benefits to England's regions of onshore wind farms. The GL Garrad Hassan report highlights the development and investment opportunities across the UK, the capital expenditure opportunities for local companies engaged in construction, and the ongoing maintenance opportunities for local engineering companies during the lifespan of all wind farms. In addition, through plans that are under consideration by the government, renewable energy projects will be able to provide 100% of business rates payable to local authorities, and local community initiatives will be supported financially through funds agreed at part of the planning process.
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