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AWS Truepower has released the latest installment of its Wind Trends Bulletin, a quarterly analytical wind report. The report reviews wind patterns in Canada, Europe and the United States for the second quarter of 2011.

The United States experienced an exceptionally good quarter for wind resources. “It was windier than normal across almost the entire country, and especially in the southern Great Plains, where a large fraction of the country’s wind power plants are operating,” stated Michael Brower, Chief Technical Officer at AWS Truepower. “The last 12 months were also good for wind power production.” Wind plant owners were not so fortunate in Europe. “In southern and eastern Europe, wind speeds were slightly below normal during the second quarter,” said Joan Aymami, Vice President of International Business at AWS Truepower. “Conversely, wind speeds were 5-15% above normal in United Kingdom, Iceland, Holland, Germany, Demark and Austria.”
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