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Spinner Anemometer Provides Transparency in the Performance of All Turbines in a Wind Farm

Wind turbines are energy producing devices. Hence it is important for the customer and the manufacturer to know if a turbine efficiently converts the kinetic energy from the given wind conditions into power. This power performance characteristic is commonly expressed as electrical power (output) versus horizontal wind speed (input) measured under free inflow conditions at a distance of two to four rotor diameters in front of the turbine. Here is where the big dilemma in the wind industry lies.

 Romo Wind 1a Romo Wind 1b

On the one hand every turbine should be monitored to make sure its performance characteristic is within the specification, but on the other hand it is almost impossible to measure the wind quantities at all turbines and at all sites, using met masts or other non-standard forward-looking measurement systems.

By Harald Hohlen, ROMO Wind

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