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60 Years of Experience in Motion Control

Designing Products that Function Reliably in Challenging Applications

moogMoog has recently officially inaugurated its new Wind Training Center at an opening ceremony involving customers and partners in Unna, Germany. The 1,300 m² (14,000 ft²) facility is designed to provide technical training programmes to Moog’s global wind energy customer base. To mark this occasion, we took the opportunity to interview Seán Gartland, Vice President Moog Inc., and President of the Industrial Group.

By Floris Siteur, Publisher, Windtech International

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Wind Energy in South America

The Role of the Argentinean Wind Energy Association as a Consensus Builder

ImageOften the focus regarding wind power is on the more developed areas like Europe and North America. Windtech International feels that other regions that are active in this field deserve attention. Therefore we decided to interview Prof Dr Engineer Eric Spinadel, President of the Argentinean Wind Energy Association (Asociación Argentina de Energia Eólica, AAEE), about the state of wind power in South America and in Argentina in particular.

By Floris Siteur, Publisher, Windtech International

DeWind Brand Back in the Market

A European–Indian Joint Venture Entering the Wind Turbine Market

ImageEU Energy plc has announced that it has entered into a joint venture with Shriram EPC Ltd for the acquisition of DeWind GmbH, manufacturers of quality wind turbines. The joint venture has submitted an offer to FKI plc, the present owners. Windtech International spoke with Michael Porter of EU Energy about the reasons behind the joint venture and how they foresee the future.

By Floris Siteur, Publisher, Windtech International

Damage Caused by Lightning Strikes

A Natural Hazard

ImageThe power of a thunderstorm is awesome and the energy released in a lightning strike is impressive. A direct lightning strike to a wind turbine can cause widespread disruption and equipment failure and has safety implications for field staff. EA Technology operates a Lightning Location System to locate lightning strikes as they occur. Windtech International interviews Benoit Dal Ferro from EA Technology about their concept.

By Floris Siteur, Publisher Windtech International

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A Specially Designed Catamaran
ImageMany countries are increasing their focus on the development of offshore wind farms. An important issue for offshore wind farms is how to transfer technicians and material in a safe way under difficult weather conditions. West Coast Workboats (WCW) decided to design a special vessel for this purpose. Windtech International interviews Neil Clarkson from WCW about their concept.

A Special Production Facility

Manufacturing Monopiles and Transition Pieces for Offshore Wind Farms

Smulders Groep have been involved in the wind energy business since 1994. They recognised that the construction of an offshore wind farm requires a specialised production plant. Therefore they acquired a facility in Hoboken, Belgium, for the production of monopiles and transition pieces. Windtech International visited the facility and spoke with Gerard van de Schoot from Smulders Project BV.

By Floris
Siteur, Publisher, Windtech International