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Toshiba Corporation has announced that it will enter the wind power generation business by acquiring Sigma Power Janex Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Kyushu-based Janex Co., Ltd. that operates wind farms in Kyusyu, Japan.
On completion of the acquisition, which is scheduled on this November, Sigma Power Janex Co., Ltd. will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Toshiba. The company is already involved in the wind power generation equipment business through a 2011 capital alliance with Korea-based Unison Co., Ltd. The acquisition of Sigma Power Janex Co., Ltd. will extend the scope of its business to cover wind power generation and supply. At the completion of the acquisition, Sigma Power Janex Co., Ltd. will operate two wind farms, the Nagashima-Kuronose Wind Power Plant in Kagoshima prefecture, and Shin-Kamigoto Whales Wind System in Nagasaki prefecture, both on Kyushu, the westernmost of Japan's main islands. In addition, the company is to construct a new wind farm in Shin-Nagashima in Kagoshima, which is scheduled to start operation in fiscal year 2014, and has plans for four more wind farms in the Tohoku, Chugoku and Shikoku regions of Japan.
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