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Swire Blue Ocean to order new wind installation vessel and upgrades existing onesSwire Blue Ocean (SBO) intends to order a new vessel with an option for a second new-build, while planning to invest in new cranes for both Pacific Osprey and Pacific Orca.
SBO has shortlisted several shipyards for the order of a new Wind Farm Installation Vessel (WIV). The vessel design, created in partnership with GustoMSC, is a bespoke version of the NG-20000X-G design.
Swire Blue Ocean has also run engineering studies how to upgrade its existing “O-class” vessels by replacing the main cranes. SBO’s engineers and project partners have developed a crane that is designed to provide an overturning moment of 100,000 t/m. The main cranes are designed to provide up to 1600 tonnes of lifting capacity with a 155 m hook height above deck. The installation of the new cranes is scheduled to commence in Q4 2023.
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