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Suzlon Energy, has shifted most of its management operations back to its headquarters in Pune. Two years earlier, it had set up a Group Management Centre in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to run its global business, spanning 21 countries.
Instead, Suzlon will soon inaugurate a new campus in Pune for about 2,500 employees, named ‘Suzlon One Earth’. This Centre will act as the new global headquarters and the hub for its operations worldwide, said sources. In the past 12 months, most of the 25-plus top executives who were operating from the Centre in Amsterdam have moved to the current corporate offices in Pune. The exit of some senior non-Indian management professionals also forced Suzlon to operate from India, since their replacements were India-based professionals. The Centre currently houses only certain sections of human resources management and research and development. However, Suzlon’s marketing operations in Europe continue to be coordinated from Aarhus, Denmark.
Source: Business Standard
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