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Sky Harvest has announced that it has completed its name change from Sky Harvest Windpower Corp. to Sky Harvest Energy Corp. The purpose of the name change was to reflect the company’s intention to expand its business focus to include other projects in the renewable and non-renewable energy sectors.
Sky Harvest further announces that it has appointed Claus E. Andrup to its advisory board. Since 1999, he has acted as a director of Western Wind Energy Corporation. Mr. Andrup has studied marketing and behavioural sciences at Metropolitan College, London Polytechnic, and the London School of Economics and has been involved in corporate communications, marketing, and public relations since 1971. In addition, Sky Vertical Technologies Inc., Sky Harvest’s operating subsidiary that is involved in the manufacture and design of vertical axis wind turbines, has formed an advisory board that will be responsible for providing guidance to its Board of Directors as it expands operations. Initially, the advisory board will consist of Ronald J. Rickert and Paul J. Walitsky. Since 2002, Mr. Rickert has acted as the President of Crosswind Power, LLC, a private Florida-based company that is involved in the distribution of vertical axis wind turbines and other alternative energy solutions. Mr. Walitsky has over 40 years of experience in energy efficiency, sustainability, and environmental engineering. He is currently a director of Green Seal.
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