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With an official ceremony, REpower Systems AG has presented its mobile production facility for manufacturing five 5MW turbines in Büttel, Germany.

REpower will produce the 5MW-class nacelles in Büttel on the future site of the wind farm. The nacelles of the smaller REpower MM (2MW output) production series are manufactured in the company's fixed production sites in Husum or Trampe. The flexible production method for the five 5M turbines in Büttel has an advantage over this as the cross-country transport for the finished nacelles, which are almost the same size as a detached house, presents logistical problems as well as being more expensive. The production hall, the structural calculations of which have been checked, is 100 metres long and 24 metres wide. Two of the five turbines have already been constructed and the other three are expected to be completed by the end of the year. In future, REpower will produce its 5M offshore turbines at new sites, in Bremerhaven and Osterrönfeld.
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