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As part of its research and development strategy concerning the establishment of international Centres of Excellence, LM Glasfiber has entered into an agreement with Risø DTU, National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy, Denmark.
Under the agreement, LM Glasfiber will establish an R&D office which is expected to employ a major team of researchers already by mid-2009. LM Glasfiber's blade technology is based on further development of thoroughly tested composite materials, ensuring the best possible price/performance ratio. The newly established Centre of Excellence at Risø DTU will not only strengthen LM Glasfiber's knowledge of the interaction between different types of blade materials but also map the effect of the properties of the materials in connection with upscaling activities. Research into advanced aerodynamics is the other focus area for LM Glasfiber's new R&D office. More specifically, the increased effort will allow the company to focus on active control, or in other words aeroservoelasticity.
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