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Prysmian has launched a new turn-key solution system to prevent subsea cables damages and minimise downtime and costs in the event of a fault. The Group has combined monitoring capabilities and maintenance services into a solution that provides a comprehensive management of subsea cable faults, from detection to recovery.

Power Link Cable Solutions is a service capable of offering a complete set of cloud-based systems (based mainly on PRY–CAM technology), providing a 24/7 wireless monitoring of subsea cables operating conditions, with the support of a dedicated team of technicians specialised in reading and interpreting the collected data. The Group has set up a marine base fully equipped with tools and facilities required for maintenance interventions, a dedicated fleet with a semi-mobilized DP vessel and shallow water barge as well as spares storage and management with a permanent engineering and offshore installation team ready to take care of most challenging projects. The facilities are located in Middlesbrough, UK.

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