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The Nordex Group generated sales of EUR 1,217 million (Q1/2022: EUR 933 million). This sales growth in the first three months of the year is attributable to higher installation output than at the start of the previous year. Both the average installed capacity (in MW) per turbine and the number of installed wind turbines increased.
Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) in the first quarter amounted to minus EUR 114.9 million (Q1/2022: minus EUR 88.9 million), resulting in an EBITDA margin of minus 9.4 percent (Q1/2022: minus 9.5 percent).
The Nordex Group erected 276 wind turbines in 19 countries with an aggregate output of 1,319 MW in the first quarter of 2023. In the prior-year quarter, 197 wind turbines with an aggregate output of 867 MW were installed in 12 countries. In terms of installed capacity (in MW), 54 percent was attributable to Europe, 25 percent to Latin America, 14 percent to North America and 7 percent to the rest of the world. As a result of significantly higher installation figures, sales in the Projects segment rose by 30.3 percent to EUR 1,068 million in the reporting period (Q1/2022: EUR 820 million). The Service segment also continued its positive trend with an increase in sales of 31.3 percent to EUR 151.8 million (Q1/2022: EUR 115.7 million).
Production output in turbine assembly was 217 turbines (Q1/2022: 304 units) with a nominal output of 1,078 MW (Q1/2022: 1,495 MW). The Company produced 233 rotor blades (Q1/2022: 270 units) with external suppliers manufacturing an additional 888 rotor blades (Q1/2022: 702 rotor blades).
Order intake (excluding the Service segment) rose slightly to EUR 917 million (Q1/2022: EUR 903 million), despite a decline in total nominal output to 1,021 MW (Q1/2022: 1,165 MW). This order volume was entirely attributable to eight European countries, with Estonia, Germany and Lithuania as the largest individual markets. The order book in the Projects segment grew to EUR 6.5 billion by the end of the quarter (Q1/2022: EUR 6.3 billion). The order book in the Service segment increased by 12.0 percent, from EUR 3.0 billion to EUR 3.4 billion. The total order book for both segments thus came to EUR 9.9 billion (Q1/2022: EUR 9.3 billion).
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