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Acciona posted a net profit of €467 million (+132.5%) in the first half of 2023. The company's results reflect strong activity in the Construction and Concessions divisions, the evolution of electricity prices in various markets in which Acciona Energía operates and the full consolidation of Nordex since April 1st, after Acciona reached a 47.08% stake in the wind turbine manufacturer's capital.
Acciona's total revenues as a group—€7.06 billion (+36.6%)—include for the first time the contribution of Nordex (€1.54 billion). The gross operating profit (EBITDA) reached €924 million (-13.2%). Net financial debt reached €7.07 billion (+34.5% since the beginning of the year). The increase reflects Acciona’s strong investment effort for the company’s profitable growth, totalling €2.2 billion (+80.7%), of which €1.54 billion (70%) were allocated to Acciona Energía, €302 million (14%) to Nordex, €136 million (6%) to the Real Estate division and €116 million (5%) to the Infrastructure division.
Acciona Energía's total revenues amounted to €1.76 billion (-20.2%), of which €903 million came from its generation business and the remaining €856 million mainly from its commercial activity in Spain and Portugal. Acciona Energía's EBITDA totaled €686 million (-24.6%). Acciona Energía recorded a net growth of 442MW in installed capacity during the first half of the year, reaching a total of 12.27GW. In addition, the company had 2,169MW under construction as of June 2023. Acciona Energía will add 1.8GW of total new capacity this year, in line with the announced forecast.
Nordex's turnover amounted to €2.75 billion (+29.5%), driven by the installation from January to June of a total of 3.1GW (+66.2%) of clean energy capacity in 22 countries, with a total of 632 wind turbines. Gross operating profit for the second quarter was positive (€0.6 million), marking a significant turnaround in the company's results, and EBITDA for the half-year reached -€114.3 million, an improvement on the -€173.3 million in the first half of 2022. Nordex's total backlog at the end of the half-year amounted to €9.8 billion (+0.7%). The Projects division accounted for 68% of the backlog and the Services business for the remaining 32%.
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