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Nordex installed a total of 428 new wind power systems around the world in 2011, an increase of 13 per cent over the previous year (2010: 378 turbines).

This growth was dominated by multi-megawatt turbines, which accounted for 77 percent. Accordingly, the average capacity per turbine remained stable at 2.3MW. The new capacity installed by Nordex in 2011 came to around 970MW (2010: 889MW). With 72 per cent, Europe was Nordex’s most important regional market, with around 15 per cent of turbine capacity installed in the USA and 13 per cent in Asia. Within Europe, Turkey was the most important single market with new capacity of 170MW. At the same time, Nordex increased its capacity in its domestic German market by eleven per cent. Nordex will be publishing its consolidated financial statements for 2011 in March.
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