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SOH Wind Engineering has completed construction of a wind tunnel specialising in the calibration of anemometers and testing of wind actions (or forces) on large structures.

In response to a request issued by NRG Systems, Svend Ole Hansen, principal of SOH Wind Engineering, decided to launch a new business in the USA. The wind tunnel will be used for a wide range of applications in civil engineering, transportation, and wind energy, including the calibration of NRG Systems’ #40C and Class 1 anemometers. At full build-out the Williston facility will operate four closed return-flow wind tunnels; one of which is operating now. Each is 3 meters square and 40 meters long, capable of producing wind velocities of up to 20 meters per second. Reducing the wind tunnel cross-sections may increase the velocity to 100 meters per second. The wind tunnel has received ISO certification and will carry out IEC-approved calibrations for anemometry per IEC 61400-12-1 Annex F, which is identical to the MEASNET standard.
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