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Total capacity of orders for Nordex in the second quarter amounted to 1,836 MW (Q2 2021: 1,534 MW). The firm order intake in the projects segment (excluding service business) reached a volume of 3,002 MW in the first half of 2022 (H1 2021: 2,782 MW).
The share of the Delta4000 wind turbines amounted to 93 percent in the quarter (Q2/2021: 89 percent).Between April and June 2022, customers ordered a total of 346 wind turbines for projects in fifteen countries. Of the total order volume in the second quarter, Europe accounted for approximately 58 percent, Latin America for approximately 31 percent and North America for 11 percent. The strongest individual markets in Europe were Germany, Poland and Spain, with regard to Latin America high-volume orders came from Colombia and in North America one order from the USA.
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