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Mr Aloys Wobben claims that Vestas Wind Systems A/S infringes various patents; primarily in the area of grid connection, but also in other technical areas.

In the area of grid connection, as previously announced Mr Aloys Wobben has initiated court proceedings in England and Scotland, the Netherlands, Canada and Ireland. In the case regarding England and Scotland, judgment was handed down by the British High Court on 14 November 2007 acquitting Vestas completely. The case concerned the following patents owned by Mr Aloys Wobben:
  • Frequency control (EP(UK)1 282 774)
  • Phase angle control (EP(UK) 1 386 078)
  • Voltage control I (EP(UK) 1 040 564)
  • Voltage control II (EP(UK) 1 164 691)

With the exception of two patent claims in the phase angle control patent that are irrelevant to Vestas, the High Court ruled all four patents invalid. Furthermore, the Court established that even if these patents had been valid, the technology used by Vestas does not infringe the patents. The remaining cases in the Netherlands, Canada and Ireland regarding grid connections will continue. There is nothing to report in addition to previous announcements regarding these cases.

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