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REpower Systems AG has joined forces with the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) at the start of the 2007/2008 winter semester to launch an exclusive sponsorship program.

The company will support each of the ten best students of a given year in the new three-year electrical engineering Bachelor course with funding of € 500,00 per semester. The programme will kick off with the first-year students of the Bachelor degree course in electrical engineering during the winter semester, which starts on 22 October. Those students with the ten best marks at the end of the first semester, in early 2008, will receive the tuition fees for their successfully completed 2007/2008 winter semester reimbursed retroactively. The company is setting aside a total of € 5,000.00 per semester for this purpose, with the amount of sponsorship in 2008 awarded to successful students of the 2007/2008 winter semester and 2008 summer semester already coming to € 10,000.00. In 2009, this will go up to € 20,000.00, and in 2010 all six year groups of the six-semester course will for the first time receive funding, which will amount to € 30,000.00.
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