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Second Wind Inc. will open a new manufacturing facility on in Somerville, MA, USA to support the recent launch of its Triton sonic wind profiler.

Second Wind's sonic wind profiler is a wind resource-assessment device using hardware and software and designed to improve the use of "sodar," or sound detection and ranging. Working like sonar technology is used in nautical navigation, sodar sends an audible "chirp" through the air and measures the return sound to determine wind speeds, directions and other criteria. The device has applications in wind-turbine site research as well as meteorological research. The company will manufacture these profilers in a space at the former American Tube Works Factory. Second Wind has transformed the 2,000 square foot space into a manufacturing facility with the ability to triple the number of manufacturing stations in the future. Company officials said they will initially produce the Triton in small quantities for early customers, but hope to produce 250 units within the next year and create up to 30 new job opportunities.
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