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Firma Gazelle Carceller 4Gazelle Wind Power (Gazelle), the developer of a hybrid modular floating offshore wind platform, has agreed to take a controlling stake in Spanish-based naval architect and marine consulting firm Faustino Carceller (F. Carceller). F. Carceller will continue to operate as an independent subsidiary of Gazelle while remaining focused on the commercial fishing, marine, and shipping industries.
As part of this transaction, Pablo Carceller has been appointed CEO and Director of F. Carceller. The Carceller family remains an important shareholder in the company. Jose Ramon Anton Vilasanchez will remain as Technical Director of Carceller. Inigo Zavala Ortiz de la Torre—the Vice President of the Corporate Social Responsibility Commission for the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE)—will serve as Chairman of the Board of Carceller. Additional board members include Gazelle General Counsel Ena Carballo and Spanish businessman and entrepreneur Valentin de Torres-Solanot del Pino.
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