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This month Garrad Hassan (GH) launches their new international Asset Management and Optimisation Services group, AMOS.

GH has analysed the operational performance of about 20% of the world's wind farms. That experience has led to the development of a range of tools that can identify problems and areas for performance improvement. This service has now become a new specific business area: the Asset Management and Optimisation Services group, AMOS. AMOS meets increasing global demand to optimise wind farm performance and maximise value in operating assets. The group does this through detailed analysis of data from standard SCADA systems, and management of wind farm operation and maintenance activities. GH has used data from all the common SCADA systems for this purpose. AMOS offers a monitoring service, which regularly assesses the performance of wind farms for availability, power curve, wind speeds and revenues against budgeted levels. Guidance is offered to optimise and maintain performance levels of a wind farm to benefit the project owner and lender. The AMOS team is headed by Keir Harman based in the UK. Keir has been working in the wind industry for over 10 years and has led this area of GH activity for the last five years.
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