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Blue H Technologies BV created BLUE H France on September 26, 2008. Based in Brittany, this subsidiary will develop a prototype of deep water offshore wind turbine to benefit from stronger, more regular winds.
After having launched a first floating 80 kW wind turbine offshore southern Italy end of 2007, Blue H now wants to build a full size 3.5MW prototype in Brittany. It will be a Diwet unit? (Deepwater Innovative Wind Energy Technology), based on the TLP (Tension Leg Platform) concept, adapted by Blue H. With this technology of anchored platform, structures are lighter, easier to install and can be located further offshore than traditional offshore wind farms. The international strategy of the group includes the completion of ambitious projects through local ventures and collaborative structures. Blue H France has thus established a partnership with businesses and research units in Western France to design, build and install the Diwet prototype in Brittany. The application for the project has been made recently at the Pôle Mer Bretagne.
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