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Gamesa has signed a framework technology cooperation agreement with the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC), seeking to reserve space at IREC's offshore wind energy laboratory, ZÈFIR Test Station, for the subsequent installation of Gamesa turbines.

Specifically, Gamesa has asked for four spaces at the research station: at an initial stage, two spots will be for anchored turbines, while at a second stage; two spots will be for floating turbine systems. The ZÈFIR Test Station project will be an experimental offshore wind energy lab off the coast of Tarragona, Spain, devoted to testing offshore wind turbines and related infrastructure in a deep-water environment.  

ZÈFIR Test Station will consist of a total of 12 turbine spaces, developed in two stages:
  • The first stage will involve the installation of a maximum of four turbines anchored to the seabed approximately 3.5 kilometres off the coast, with combined installed capacity not to exceed 20MW;
  • The second phase calls for a maximum of eight floating turbines, installed some 30 kilometres off the coast, with combined installed capacity of up to 50MW.
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