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Gamesa has secured contracts to supply 356MW of its new G97-2.0MW turbine in deals signed in the second half of 2011, the year of the global launch of this new turbine.

Europe, specifically Spain, accounted for the largest share of orders: 40% of the total, or 71 units of the G97-2.0MW turbine amounting to 142MW of capacity. China accounted for 28% of orders, with a total of 100MW, followed closely by the USA, which generated orders for 94MW (26.4% of the total) in this period. Meanwhile, customers in India ordered 10MW (2.8%) matching orders from Canada. The Canadian deal marks Gamesa’s first contract in the country. Gamesa began manufacturing this turbine in four regions simultaneously. Factories in Spain, China, India and the US are currently producing the new turbines, following upgrades of existing facilities or plant expansions (in the case of India).
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