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As renewable energies are becoming more and more important, meteorological data in analysis and forecast has become very significant for the electricity market. Due to innate fluctuations of renewable power production and it’s difficult forecast for the spot market, which are concerned with a cost risk for balancing energy, a considerable part of trade is shifted to the intraday market.
Predicting the wind and the resulting performance is manageable – providing an accurate forecast promptly is extraordinary. The weather specialists of EWC dedicate themselves to this aim even more now: The extrapolation of wind electricity published by the EEX-transparency platform (European Energy Exchange) always shows a gap of 2 to 3 hours. Now EWC closes this information gap for the short market analysis – with hourly updates of the prediction. The results of these calculations are collected from machine learning techniques including live-production data of hundreds of wind power stations in Germany and the integration of a wealth of meteorological data and models. According to EWC this system is able to predict the wind power generation for intraday-trading for the next 2-3 hours even more precisely then from weather model forecasts only.
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