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EON is investing € 7 billion in renewable for three large wind farms in the North Sea and Baltic Sea and new transmission lines for wind power over the next five years.

In the German North Sea, E.ON is building Amrumbank West, a deepwater wind farm that will cost about € 1 billion and enter service in 2015. With 80 Siemens turbines, it will have a total capacity of 288MW. Off the U.K. coast, E.ON is building Humber Gateway wind farm, which will cost about € 850 million, have 219 MW of capacity, and also enter service in 2015. In the Baltic Sea off Sweden’s southern coast, E.ON is building Kårehamn wind farm, which will become operational in 2013. Kårehamn will have a capacity of 48 MW and will cost around € 120 million. Both Kårehamn and Humber Gateway will use the new Vestas 3 MW V112 turbine. To improve the transport of wind power produced in northern Germany, E.ON is adding new transmission lines. One of these is a new high-voltage line between Breklum and Flensburg, which became operational this week, took just a year to build, and will strengthen Germany’s grid. The line connects the north Frisian coast, which is home to numerous wind farms, with the ultrahigh-voltage transmission system. It triples the transmission capacity in northern Friesland, from 310 MW to more than 1,000 MW. It will also transport the electricity generated by deepwater wind farms like Amrumbank West.
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