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DNV KEMA will invest approximately € 70 million in the expansion of its High-Power Laboratory in Arnhem, the Netherlands. With the expansion, DNV KEMA creates the first laboratory in the world in the extreme testing segment for the upcoming market for super grids: bulk energy transport at 800 kV+ levels (800,000 Volts and above).

The company identiefied four trends that relate to our future electricity supply. The first trend is the strong increase of distributed and local electricity generation. The second trend is the development of super grids. The third trend they have distinguished is the vast growth of global high-voltage power networks and new manufacturers of T&D components, such as circuit breakers and power transformers. The last trend is that utilities, investors, regulators, and insurance companies, increasingly consider testing a vital element in creating a safe and reliable energy infrastructure. Under the expansion programme, DNV KEMA will increase the number of short circuit generators from four to six, and extend the available testing space. The expansion will be finished in 2015.
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