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A working turbine must be stopped when technicians are working or training in the tower implying costly downtime for the owner. That is why Avanti has built a training tower which is not a producing wind turbine.
In this tower Avanti offers training anytime and without operating costs. The new training tower is built at Avanti Wind Systems ladder factory, Silkeborg Stigefabrik in Them close to Silkeborg in the centre of Jutland, Denmark. The safety products that Avanti has developed for the wind industry are installed in the tower i.e. Service Lift, Avanti's Fall Protection System and ladder systems with and without Climb Assists. The tower will be used to provide the necessary training in Avanti's own safety equipment - but it is also an essential part of Avanti Wind Systems' training of wind turbine technicians according to the standards required by the Global Wind Organization. With a certification from Lloyd's Avanti Wind Systems meets the demands from the Global Wind Organization to train and educate technicians to work in wind turbines and other work places in similar heights.
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