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Minnesota's largest wind farm and the state's largest transmission line built to carry wind power into the Twin Cities were dedicated 13 November 2007 and will soon become fully operational, subject to final approvals by the regional transmission operator.

A total of 137 wind turbines, with a maximum generating capacity of 205MW of electricity, comprise enXco's Fenton Wind Project in southwestern Minnesota. Xcel Energy's 345-kilovolt transmission line along with two major 115 kV lines will deliver the power into the Minnesota High voltage transmission grid allowing delivery of the power from the Fenton Wind farm and other wind power resources from the Buffalo Ridge region of the state into the twin Cities area. Existing transmission from the region was not able to carry the anticipated wind power load until the new transmission lines were completed. An additional leg of the 345-kilovolt transmission line soon will be completed into Sioux Falls in order to support the transmission grid in that region. The transmission grid, in which the Fenton wind farm and southwestern line will operate, is managed by the Midwest Independent System Operator (MISO).
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