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Xtreme Power, provider of Dynamic Power ResourcesTM (DPRs) for utility-scale power management and energy storage systems, has announced the company has been chosen as the storage provider for the Tres Amigas SuperStation.

Tres Amigas LLC, a merchant transmission company, is providing the first common interconnection of America’s three power grids. Xtreme Power’s Dynamic Power Resource will ensure the reliable flow of power, controlling and smoothing the variations for gigawatts of energy output and delivery amongst the Eastern, Western (WECC) and Texas (ERCOT) Interconnections. Xtreme Power’s Dynamic Power Resource (DPR) will enable the delivery of consistent renewable energy to the station by storing and releasing power in response to fluctuations in demand and output. The DPR will also permit Tres Amigas to provide back-up power for the surrounding grid.
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