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Vestas will upgrade long-time customer IKEA Group’s global portfolio of Vestas turbines, equalling 316MW. The upgrades span across six different Vestas turbine types and are expected to generate on average 1.5% in additional energy production, estimated at a total of 13.5 GWh a year.
With the PowerPlus programme, Vestas can increase a wind power plant’s energy production and efficiency through site-specific optimisation of operational parameters, implementation of software algorithms or enhanced aerodynamic performance. The group’s global portfolio of turbines in the USA, Sweden, France, and Poland will be upgraded, and this includes V80-2.0 MW, V90-2.0 MW, V90-3.0 MW, V100-2.0 MW, V112-3.0 MW and V112-3.3 MW turbines.
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