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Located in Niedere Tauern mountain massif in Styria, Austria, the Tauernwindpark is one of the highest-located wind parks in Europe, operating 1,900 meters above sea-level. ImWind, Tauernwindpark's owner, was looking to repower the 22.75 MW wind park, which currently consists of 13 V66-1750 kW wind turbines.

Vestas will provide nine V112-3.45 MW turbines to repower the existing V66-1750kW turbines, and has also developed a customised solution to ensure safe and efficient transportation of the wind turbines to and from the site. Vestas construction employees collaborated with transport and logistic experts to provide special transport and lifting tools to ensure a timely and smooth construction phase. Additionally, the wind park will feature site-specific towers with a hub height of 106 metres in order to best adapt to the specific site wind and weather conditions and maximise energy production.

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