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The County Administrative Board of Skåne grants Vattenfall a Natura 2000 permit to build wind power on the Swedish section of Kriegers Flak. Kriegers Flak is an area in the Baltic Sea 30 km south of the Swedish coast.
In recent years, parts of the Kriegers Flak wind farm area have been classified as a Natura 2000 site. To minimise impact, the turbines will therefore be placed at a sufficient distance from sensitive habitat types. As part of the Natura 2000 evaluation, Vattenfall has conducted thorough environmental studies in the area covering reef, bird, fish and porpoise nature types. This is to enable finding alternatives, taking appropriate protective measures and using methods to facilitate coexistence between wind power and environmental considerations. Vattenfall's application pertains to 40-50 wind turbines with a maximum height of 280 metres. The maximum output of the facility is about 640 MW.
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