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Swancor Renewable Energy (SRE) and Fukuoka-based Shizen Energy Inc. (Shizen Energy) have agreed to jointly develop a wide range of offshore wind farms throughout the Kyushu region, Japan.
By combining Swancor Renewable Energy’s technological knowledge and experience in Taiwan, which has geological similarities to Japan's sea area, and Shizen Energy’s developmental knowledge in introducing renewable energy that embraces local conditions, the two companies will work together to further promote offshore wind power in the Kyushu region in Japan.
Japan's offshore wind market is gaining momentum following the Japanese government's goal of promoting the introduction of renewable energy and the passage of the Act of Promoting Utilization of Sea Areas in Development of Power Generation Facilities Using Maritime Renewable Energy Resources. In 2018, the Japanese government set a goal of increasing the share of renewable energy generation to 22-24% by 2030, and in 2021 increased this target to 36-38% by further strengthening measures.  This goal also includes plans to introduce 10 GW of wind power, including both offshore and onshore wind power.