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Funding of GBP 250,000 has been awarded by Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) for the GBP 2.6 million project which is being led by community group, by Fair Isle Electricity Company. The new GBP 2.6 million plan is for three 60kW wind turbines, a 50kW solar array and battery storage.

The scheme will also extend a high voltage network to the north of the island to enable grid connections to the Scottish Water treatment works, Fair Isle Bird Observatory, the airstrip and the North Haven harbour. Great Glen Consulting was appointed as the project manager to help take forward and develop the project on Fair Isle and the technical design and engineering of the project will be carried out by Arcus. Earlier this year, the company was successfully awarded capital stage support of over GBP 1 million for the project through the Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme’s (LCITP) funding call for large scale transformational low carbon infrastructure demonstrator projects. The Fair Isle electricity scheme has secured full match funding for the project from a number of partners including Big Lottery, Shetland Islands Council, National Trust for Scotland, Scottish Water, Fair Isle Electricity Company and Fair Isle Bird Observatory.

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