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SGS Industrial Services in China was awarded a contract to provide Quality Control Services of wind towers for Goldwind.

In order to guarantee that the wind towers will fulfill the applicable regulatory and client-specific requirements and that they will operate as intended, SGS's team of experts is providing complex onsite inspection, auditing, monitoring and Quality Control witness services during the production process. With Quality Control SGS verifies materials, parts and final products through checks and sample testing. The inspection of wind towers is carried out in accordance with quality assurance procedures and a checklist relating to specific types of equipment, operational factors and the vendor's own quality control system. In addition, SGS reviews the design, specifications, drawings and specified standards, to assure the applicable regulatory requirements. Furthermore, SGS tests the materials used for the production of wind towers with Non-Destructive Testing methods. SGS's team of experts checks the material quality with respect to the material choice, composition, surface integrity and internal condition.
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