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Prysmian has secured contracts worth approximately €1.1 billion from 50Hertz in Germany, including the Lot2 award encompassing the NOR-11-1 submarine and DC31 land projects.
Under Lot2, Prysmian will handle the design, manufacturing, supply, installation, testing, and commissioning of both NOR-11-1 and DC31 turnkey projects, spanning roughly 1,000 km in cable length and carrying a 2 GW power transmission capacity. NOR-11-1, a 525 kV HVDC submarine endeavor, will link the offshore windfarm area N-11-1 to the German grid in the Heide/West region, while DC31, the second project, is a 525 kV HVDC underground cable system transmitting power from Heide/West to Klein Rogahn. Both cable systems will consist of two single-core copper cables with XLPE insulation, a dedicated XLPE metallic return (DMR) cable, and a fiber optic cable. Furthermore, Prysmian has been designated as the primary supplier for Lot7, enabling 50Hertz to engage in future 525 kV offshore and/or onshore projects involving up to 2,700 km of cable core length within a specified timeframe. These projects contribute to Germany's ambitious goal of achieving a cumulative installed capacity of 70 GW in offshore wind energy by 2045 and facilitating the transfer of North Sea-generated energy to consumers in eastern and southern Germany.
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