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Pattern Energy Group announced it has signed 15-year power purchase agreements (PPAs) with Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE) and Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP) to deliver wind power from the 200MW Duran Mesa Wind project currently in development near Corona, New Mexico.
SVCE has signed a 15-year PPA for 110MW and MBCP has signed a 15-year PPA for 90MW. Construction of Duran Mesa Wind is anticipated to begin in late 2019 and the project is expected to reach commercial operation in late 2020. Power from the wind project will be delivered to California in part via the SunZia Southwest Transmission Project, a 520-mile 500-kV transmission line under development in New Mexico and Arizona by SouthWestern Power Group, which is also expected to achieve commercial operation by 2020.  Duran Mesa Wind is a 200MW project within Pattern’s 2,200MW Corona Wind Projects in New Mexico.
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