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Oldbaum Services has announced that it has deployed two 3D WINDCUBE 400S Scanning LiDARs from Leosphere as part of the wind resource assessment campaigns the company is currently conducting at two French offshore wind sites.

The two French offshore wind sites are located respectively in Tréport in Upper Normandy, and the Isles of Yeu and Noirmoutier in Vendée. The sites are developed by a consortium led by Engie, EDP REnewablez, NEoen Marine and AREVA. Oldbaum provides wind data interpretation and consultancy services that complement Leosphere’s scanning LiDAR, allowing Oldbaum to design and implement wind resource assessment campaigns to establish the offshore wind regime from onshore for future wind farms as well as optimise their layout design. The 3D WINDCUBE 400S Scanning LiDAR scans the wind out to sea, providing Oldbaum with a comprehensive picture of the wind resource available at the sites, returning data using low risk cost effective measurements.

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