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180619 siemens gamesa press offshore nissum bredning denmark T 08 00DNV GL has awarded Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) the project certificate for its Nissum Bredning offshore wind power park located in Thyborøn, in waters of north-western Denmark.
The certification was carried out according to the Danish Executive Order No.73 (BEK 73) and covers all stages of the project development from site conditions assessment over design evaluation to commissioning. The wind park comprises of 4 turbines with an installed capacity of 28MW. Despite its small size the park has a specific focus on the integrating of new technological innovations, including a 66kV transmission system to jacket foundations with concrete transition pieces to a cable-in-pipe installation to reduce the Levelized Cost of Energy of the project. Due to the location in Thyborøn Kanal, the offshore wind park can be affected by sea ice during the winter months. The project certificate demonstrates that sea ice will have no significant impact on the lifetime of the turbines of the wind power park, despite the unique maritime conditions.
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