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EnergoBit's 30MW Babadag III Wind Farm in Romania will transmit energy to the grid using 140 kilometres of Nexans' high temperature conductor cables and accessories.

The existing Babadag-Tulcea Vest 110 kV power line does not have enough capacity to carry power from the new wind farm. Nexans' high temperature ACSS/TW BRANT conductors will double the line rating without adding mechanical loads. Upgrading the conductor along the 44 kilometres OHL route allows the wind farm to operate with existing infrastructure. With a capacity of 194MVA, the new power line is able to carry 63% more current than the existing system when operating at the same temperature. The ACSS conductors also allow for a 16% reduction in joule losses when operating at the same current as the existing ACSR system. The Babadag III Wind Farm is in Dobrogea, southeast Romania. The conductors will be manufactured at Nexans' Benelux plant in Elouge, Belgium.

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