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Natural Power has deployed a dual-mode ZephIR 300 wind lidar with the Centre for Wind Energy Technology (CWET) in Chennai, India. The dual-mode ZephIR can be used in a traditional ground based application pointing vertically for wind resource assessment, or directed in front or behind a wind turbine to study incident wind fields and resulting turbine wakes.

This new platform of wind lidar – a ‘dual-mode’ ZephIR 300 – was designed and developed by Natural Power to meet CWETs requirements to assess a range of wind measurements. The ZephIR 300 is shown opposite mounted in its frame providing flexible operation. Two variations of ZephIR software are applied to the system so CWET can easily and seamlessly switch between the two modes - the standard ground based ZephIR Waltz platform, and a new platform which will ultimately be rolled out on ControlZephIR units later this year which offer this unique ability to provide full rotational scanning in front or behind a wind turbine.
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