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Natural Power’s technical team have delivered comprehensive energy yield and site assessment studies on a proposed wind farm project in Alaska for non-profit rural electric co-operative Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA). This has been Natural Power’s first involvement in Alaska.

Natural Power’s inputs will assist the client in assessing the financial viability of the project, with the ultimate goal of assisting the client to secure finance on the site. The process included on-site data collection, long-term resource analysis, energy yield modelling, uncertainty analysis and post construction yield assessment. Site classification studies will also take place to predict extremes of resource and flow characteristics for design decisions and turbine/device warranty considerations. The site in Alaska has moderately complex terrain combined with forestry therefore VENTOS, a Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tool written by researchers from the University of Porto in Portugal, was deployed and assessments were used to define the flow conditions on-site and also to aid with the layout design process of the proposed 16 turbine project. The project with GVEA was led by Natural Power wind engineer Mark Green, based in Vancouver.
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