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Seagreen Wind Energy has recently awarded Fugro GEOS a contract for an oceanographic survey of the zone designated for the Firth of Forth Round 3 Offshore Wind Farm. The oceanographic survey aims to capture storm events over the winter period, to allow harsh wind, wave and current conditions to be captured. 

The data set will provide a basis for subsequent comparison and calibration of longer-term hindcast metocean models of the region for use in wind farm engineering design. Survey results will also be utilised in the Coastal Processes Assessment to be undertaken as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed wind farm developments within the zone. Oceanographic instrumentation will be deployed for one winter season from November 2010 to April 2011. The survey will also include measurement of suspended sediments.

Further Fugro GEOS has been supporting the installation of wind turbines at the Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm, a Round 2 project, since April 2010 and will continue to support the works for a further 18 months. Seawatch Midi buoys, which are designed to support nearshore construction, have been deployed to collect wave, temperature, salinity and current measurements.