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Enel Green Power and KK Wind Solutions have entered an agreement to further expand the collaboration within the field of Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS).
It is expected that 358 wind turbines currently operating in the global Enel fleet will be equipped with TCM hardware and software for monitoring conditions in the turbines. The collaboration between Enel and Gram & Juhl (today part of KK Wind Solutions) started back in 2018, initially focused on installing condition monitoring systems on the drivetrain. Since then, several CMS projects have been introduced at Enel wind sites in Spain, Greece and India. The retrofit kit consists of 4-7 accelerometer sensors, 1 RPM sensor, 1 DPU (Data Processing Unit) and cables and vver the next couple of years, the company will install the retrofit kits on all the 358 turbines in Mexico, Brazil, Spain and Chile.
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