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Marubeni Corporation, Obayashi Corporation, Tohoku Sustainable & Renewable Energy, Eco Power, Akita Bank, The Kansai Electric Power, Chubu Electric Power, and seven local companies based in Akita Prefecture (Joint Business Partners) have entered into an agreement to carry out a feasibility study of the Akita Offshore Wind Farm Project.

A bottom-fixed offshore wind farm with an expected output of 145MW (Akita Port: 65MW, Noshiro Port: 80MW) has been planned and the Joint Business Partners have decided to invest in Akita Offshore Wind Farm Corporation, a Special Purpose Company (SPC) that was established by Marubeni in April 2016 and to carry out a feasibility study of the Project. In the event that the SPC reaches the conclusion that the Project is commercially viable as a result of the feasibility study, the SPC will make an investment decision for the Project. Following this, the SPC will gain consensus from the local entities concerned and move the Project to the construction and commercialisation stage.

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