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The Goto City Offshore Wind Power Generation Project, located off the coast of Japan, is facing delays. Toda Corporation, responsible for the project through its subsidiary, Goto Floating Wind Farm LLC, has had to adjust the original timeline due to the discovery of defects in the floating structure.
Originally set for commercial operation in January 2024, the project's start date has been rescheduled to January 2026 after obtaining government approval on September 22, 2023. The company has conducted thorough investigations, identified the causes, and implemented corrective measures for the defects in two floating structures. Construction work has resumed at the onshore yard. Furthermore, an inspection of a floating structure already installed offshore will be conducted to assess the presence of defects. One of the three floating structures off the coast of Sakiyama will be brought to Fukue Port for a detailed examination, and decisions regarding the remaining two structures will follow.
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