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GE’s first 2.75-103 wind turbine recently was commissioned at the Energy Research Center of the Netherlands wind farm in Wieringermeer, Netherlands.

The new turbine features electrical system uprates and GE’s 50.2 meter proprietary blade design that offers an annual energy production increase of more than nine per cent at 7.5 m/s over the 2.5-100 machine. GE’s 2.75-103 utilizes GE’s 50.2 meter blade design that offers the latest enhancements in aerodynamics, reduced acoustic emissions and robust performance. Featuring a 103-meter rotor, the new wind turbine is optimized for IEC* Sb and DIBT WZ2 standards. It is available for 50 and 60 Hz applications with 75, 85 and 98-meter hub heights.
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